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5 Bands to fall in love with in 2013

I love 'ones to watch' lists as I love discovering new music.  My old band, Pre-historic Wife, were never on any 'ones to watch' lists as, to be quite honest, we were shit.

But here at Session Bloggers it's not just brand new musicians that we like to shout about, we also like to raise our glasses to those who might be one or two albums in and haven't quite had their lucky break yet.  Some of the bands below have appeared on other music blog / magazine lists as, we agree, they are fucking great.  But there are a couple of bands below whose time we believe has come and we'd like to share them with you in case you haven't heard them before.

So, without further ado, and in no particular order, here are 5 Bands for you to fall in love with in 2013 - and even if you don't fall in love with them, we'd be happy with a 'I've become quite fond of'...

1. Cashier No. 9

This was the band I fell in love with in 2012 so I'm hoping they'll make you equally as happy in 2013.  Their album 'To the Death of Fun' is an absolute corker and, even though it was released in 2011, it's my most played album this year. 

I love them so much that I once tweeted 'I love @cashierno9 and I want to have their babies'. They never replied and I don't blame them. I just hope I get to see them live before they take that restraining order out on me.

I eagerly await their new album next year but, for the time being, here is the song - 'Oh Pity' - that first got me into them. Go on, have a listen, you know you want to -

2. Haim

This band has probably appeared in every music blog and music mag's 'one to watch' lists for next year.  You probably already know everything there is to know about them so I want bang on. 

Instead, have a listen here and decide for yourself if you might fall in love with them next year. This is their brilliant new song 'Don't Save Me' -

3. Sean Bones

Sean (can I call you, Sean?) is the only solo artist to appear in my list.  He's another example of an artist who has released a couple of albums already but just needs a lucky break to push him into the big time.  His album 'Buzzards Boy' was released earlier this year and, if you like Vampire Weekend, you should check him out as I think you might like him.

The album is brilliant, very summery, and quite similar to Cashier No. 9.  The song that got me into him though is below and is called 'United'. It isn't on the album but was released in the Autumn and has something to do with a popular pair of trainers, not quite sure what though -

4. Peace

Peace are another band who have been championed by the music press recently and rightly so.  I have a feeling though that they may live in the Palma Violets' shadow for a bit in 2013.  But that's not a bad thing, is it?  Let them soak up the pressure and hype and then sneak up behind them and take their crown when they're not looking (in case they beat you up).

They've only had a couple of releases so far but this is my favourite - 'California Daze' - it's an absolute beauty. I do like what they've done to that melon as well -

5. Temples

Do you know what, this lot are already shaping up to be my favourite band of 2013?! It will probably end up being Cashier No. 9 again to be honest but, if not, this lot could be a close second.

From what I've heard already they are heavily influenced by the 60s, which I love, and they sound a bit like The Bees or Love, which is not a bad thing at all as they are both great bands.

But, we shall see, what do I know anyway?  Again, please decide for yourself - here's 'Shelter Song' for your listening pleasure -

So, they're my tips and now it's over to you - which bands do you think you and other people will fall in love with next year?  Would be great to hear your thoughts.

Until next time, take care.

Thanks for having me.

Simon S.

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